Aris Petros Tripodakis

Dear Colleagues and friends,

Having accomplished 49 years of passionate and compassionate service in the field of Clinical Dentistry by the end of the spring semester in 2017, I will reach the end point of my academic career as an active Professor of the Dental School of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens. To celebrate this occasion the Hellenic Academy of Esthetic Dentistry in collaboration with Omni Press Dental Publications organizes a festive scientific event.

Over the years, I have been given the chance to serve various international academic groups as President, such as the International College of Prosthodontists, the American Dental Society of Europe, the International College of Dentists-Europe and finally the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. To honor this background, the scientific program of the event aims to embrace comprehensively the discipline of Prosthodontics, adopting the parameters of evolution and excellence:


Evolution of Excellence in Prosthodontics

International Dental Forum

Distinguished international lecturers from around the globe offered to contribute in forming this outstanding program that extends in three sessions:

Session I: the Past

“Long-term outcomes in perusing Perio-Restorative excellence”.

Session II: the Present

“The present status of clinical evidence in Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry”.

Session III: the Future

“Perspectives of Material Science and Digital technology”.

Spring in Athens promises ideal conditions. Having accomplished all necessary preparations I now extend to you a warm Welcome to attend and enjoy the meeting which will take place in the legendary historic Hotel of “Grande Bretagne”, May 12-13 2017.


Dr. Aris-Petros Tripodakis, DDS, MS, DrDent
President of the Scientific Committee